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@psidentityMay 7th, 2018

The T1Autograph iOS library has been updated to v2.0.1 (build 43). This minor update corrects a small CGColor leak, adds resolution support for early 2018 iPad “education” models, and fixes a crashing bug in iOS 8 and iOS 9. Documentation for both the iOS and Android versions is available on the T1Autograph product page. Show release notes

  • Fixed
    • A few CGColor objects leaked upon completion of a signature have now been properly released.
    • Fixed a crashing bug in iOS 8 and iOS 9 that occurs when a signature is completed. Thanks, Drew!
  • Other changes
    • 2018 iPad models have been formally supported. Note: iOS does not allow programmatic access to device pixel resolution. T1Autograph uses this information to measure absolution displacement of events for the purposes of calculating velocity, acceleration, and associated data. As a workaround, if the library encounters unknown new devices, it will make an educated guess about the pixel resolution, and we will add explicit support for new devices as they are released (or until a pixel resolution API is made public).

Note: if you’re using CocoaPods (or similarly with Carthage), your podfile should show something like this:

pod 'T1Autograph', '~> 2.0'

A final note about dynamic frameworks: The App Store may still be rejecting apps containing simulator binary slices. T1Autograph (and most other frameworks) include these slices so you can work in the simulator. There’s a handy script available to trim out any frameworks you might be using at build time.

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