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March 26th, 2014

Hi, I’m Ashley - the all-things-Ten-One-Design customer service rep. Even though we probably don’t know each other very well, er, at all, I’d like to start our introduction unconventionally, by making a confession. Okay, here it goes: I make mistakes…very rarely of course! But it does happen every once in a while.
This was true recently when I first got my hands on our new Pogo pen (not to be confused with our Pogo Sketch+, Pogo Sketch Pro or Pogo Connect pens). I loved the sleek aluminum body, removable pen clip and sturdy tip. I took a quick tug on the tip wondering if it was replaceable and when I couldn’t pull it out right away, I moved on assuming that the tip wasn’t replaceable. I was quickly corrected in my assumption about this feature and this got me thinking that I wanted to find another way to shout it from the rooftops - both our Pogo and Pogo Connect have magnetic replaceable tips! So I hijacked our Designer’s Blog to spread the word even further. And to make sure no one out there makes the same mistake I did.

I’ve also gotten quite a few questions from our customers about this feature and wanted to offer some quick tips and notes on changing the magnetic tips. So, without further ado…
  • Grab the top part of the tip to take it out by pinching the rubber or bristles between your index finger and thumb.
  • Use just enough oomph to release the magnetic connection. And don’t worry, you won't break the tip unless you’re the Hulk
  • Don’t be concerned with lining up any little holes or dents you see in the tip. It’s just a snap-and-go process.

magnetic tip

Oh! One more thing, you might be confused if you try to use a Pogo Connect tip on a Pogo or vice versa. They can’t be used interchangeably.

magnetic tip

Hopefully you’re a tip-changing pro after reading this, but if you have other questions about our magnetic tips or any of our products, you can always find me at

Ashley Skinner - Customer Service