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November 1st, 2014


We’re pleased to announce the 1.4 release of T1PogoManager for Pogo Connect. This release incorporates support for the latest iOS devices, and the new Pogo Connect 2 hardware. Unlike previous devices, Pogo Connect 2 supports all iOS phones and tablets. Phones had not been a priority before due to display size, but that changed a little this year. T1PogoManager is still compatible with iOS 5 and later. On the API side of things, there is one new addition to highlight. A new set of delegate methods can tell your app when when the Pogo Connect tip approaches or backs away from the screen. These will only be called for the latest pen hardware.

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  • Add
    • Proximity enter/exit delegate methods called pogoManager:didDetectProximityEnter:forPen: and pogoManager:didDetectProximityExit:forPen:.
    • T1PogoPen now has a BOOL tipIsInProximity method.
    • T1PogoPen’s penCapabilities bitfield is now implemented and is the best way to determine if a feature (such as pressure or tip down) is supported on the current iOS device.
    • Support for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3.
  • Change
    • Improved accuracy for enable/disable gestures delegate methods.
    • Minor improvements to palm rejection.
    • Memoization sprinkled here and there to make reconnecting faster. For the fastest connection, use a Pogo Connect 2. The upcoming Pogo Connect App release will speed connection times even more by forcing iOS to cache much of the pen’s data.
    • Improved reliability of operations to read and write user data on the pen.
    • Added support for upcoming new tip type.
  • Fix
    • A thread safety issue causing infrequent crashes has been corrected.

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