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Simple, smooth signature capture
for iOS & Android

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Perfect signatures in a snap

T1Autograph is simple to use, standards-compliant, and available for iOS and Android.
Outputs PNG, PDF, SVG, and ISO/IEC 19794-7 biometric interchange XML formats.
It’s free to try, and the watermark is removed by purchasing.

Integrate smooth signature capture into your iOS app.
It’s simple to use, inexpensive, and has dead easy integration with Xcode.
The framework is free to try. The watermark is removed by purchasing.
The latest build supports Apple Pencil and 3D Touch.

Simple Integration

Swift Package Manager, Carthage, & Cocoapods support

Add this to your gradle

Using T1Autograph (Kotlin shown, but Java is similar)




  • Beautiful ink rendering
  • Cross-platform, for identical results regardless of device
  • Standards-compliant biometric data output (ISO/IEC 19794-7 xml)
  • Call the built-in modal, or use your own customized view
  • Dynamic pressure- and velocity-sensitive ink rendering
  • Outputs png, pdf, svg, xml, and more
  • Apple Pencil and Android stylus support
  • Highly customizable with many ink rendering options
  • Fully-working free demo. Try it on for size before purchasing.

  • Licenses are perpetual and have no expiration.
  • Single licenses are valid for only one bundle identifier (iOS) or application identifier (Android).
  • Site licenses can be used for up to 100 bundle/application identifiers, although they must share a reverse-dns prefix. For example, if your first identifier is com.tenonedesign.autographmobile, all subsequent identifiers must start with com.tenonedesign.
  • After you link your license to a bundle/application identifier, it cannot be changed.
  • Payment may be made with Paypal or credit card, and an email will be sent to you immediately with an activation code and instructions. The entire process usually takes less than a minute.
  • Bug fix releases will always be free.
  • Optional feature releases may occasionally require a paid upgrade.
  • By purchasing the framework, you agree to these terms.