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August 5th, 2015


T1PogoManager SDK for Pogo Connect has been updated to v1.4.2 (build 48) with support for iOS 9. Please note: This release includes LLVM bitcode embedded within the binary, and will therefore cause linker errors in Xcode versions lower than 7. Xcode 6 users can download a special build with bitcode stripped out here. Coalesced touches are new in iOS 9 for devices with higher touch screen scanning rates. Starting with v1.4.2, you can send these coalesced touches to T1PogoManager to obtain information about them. There is no facility for information on predicted touches. The next SDK update is planned for shortly after the latest iOS devices are unveiled in September.

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  • Add
    • Support for coalesced touches on newer devices in iOS 9.
  • Change
    • Removed deprecated (and crashing) CoreBluetooth method calls
    • Removed (UIPopoverController *)scanningPopover and (UINavigationController *)scanningViewControllerForPhone from T1PogoManager.h. Instead, use (UITableViewController *)scanningViewController, wrap it in a navigation controller, and present it with UIPopoverPresentationController. Demo code is available in showScanningUIButtonAction: method of the Demo Project’s main view controller. If you are not able to make the change this round, the older methods are still there and may be used. You will need to declare them as methods of T1PogoManager.

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