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September 10th, 2015


T1PogoManager SDK for Pogo Connect has been updated to v1.4.3 (build 49) with support for iOS 9 GM. Please note: This release includes LLVM bitcode embedded within the binary, and will therefore cause linker errors in Xcode versions lower than 7. Xcode 6 users can download a special build with bitcode stripped out here. This update includes only a few minor bug fixes for v1.4.2 released last month. There are no API changes in this update. See the release history for the minor API changes in v1.4.2. The next SDK update is penciled in for fall 2015.

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  • Fix
    • Missing T1PogoManagerDelegate connection messages in iOS 9 when using a singleton pattern are now delivered correctly.
    • Crash in iOS 6 when a bridged pen is connected is now fixed.
    • Unnecessary warning messages during build have been eliminated.

Latest library and demo project Release history for T1PogoManager