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@psidentityNovember 6th, 2018

T1Autograph for iOS and Android has been updated to v2.0.2 (android build 16, iOS build 45). Documentation for both the iOS and Android versions is available on the T1Autograph product page. Show release notes

  • Fixed
    • iOS - Azimuth data in XML output is corrected
    • iOS - Location data in XML output is now in mm instead of m
    • iOS - Updated with resolution support for iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, iPad Pro 11, iPad Pro 12.0
    • Android - fixed onLineEndWithSignaturePointCount to show total signature count instead of just stroke count
    • Android - fixed velocity spike when using s-pen due to skipped first events
    • Android - added additional checks for array access that may have caused crash
    • Android - fixed some leaks
    • Android - Location data in XML output is now in mm instead of m
    • Android - prevented signature fragment from closing unnecessarily
  • Other changes
    • Some debug logging messages were removed.

Android Note: You may specify the latest version in your gradle file.

implementation 'com.tenonedesign.t1autograph:t1autograph:2.0.2'

iOS Note: if you’re using CocoaPods (or similarly with Carthage), your podfile should show something like this:

pod 'T1Autograph', '~> 2.0'

Another iOS note: T1Autograph (and most other frameworks) include simulator binary slices so you can work in the simulator. There’s a handy script available to trim out any frameworks you might be using at build time so they do not cause errors when uploading to the app store.

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