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July 21st, 2010

Inklet has just been updated to version 1.2! The last release (1.1) focused on improving the drawing experience in Inklet. This meant smoother lines, less lag, and more accuracy. 1.2 maintains these enhancements, but also makes it easier to navigating around the computer. Here's the full rundown of new features:

Full multi-monitor support

  • Use the normal two-finger pan gesture to move your workspace over to an external display.
  • The Inklet workspace will seamlessly work with any monitor configuration.
  • Great for using an external monitor with your MacBook Pro.

Navigation-focused release

  • Lots of little tweaks that make Inklet easier to use while selecting items and using Finder.
  • New navigation preferences pane.

New anti-jitter algorithm

  • Inklet helps you be more precise when selecting items.
  • Jitter reduction makes working with larger workspaces even easier.
  • For extra smooth operation, choose 'advanced jitter reduction' from the Inklet navigation preferences.