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@psidentitySeptember 10th, 2016

The Autograph iOS library has been updated to v1.6.5 (build 37). One day we’ll issue a "Signature Edition" of T1Autograph because it’s a bad pun, and also the limit of our wit. Today is not that day. This update simply adds a choice for how to handle the Apple Pencil, fixes a few issues, and tidies up for iOS 10. Oh! One more thing. T1Autograph is now available as a dynamic framework. This is simpler to integrate (especially with swift projects (no more bridging header!)). We intend to move completely away from static library releases soon, but this time you can choose which style to work with. The static library is compatible back to iOS 6. The framework requires at least iOS 8. Thanks again for using T1Autograph. We hope it continues to be of good service to you. Show release notes

  • New
    • T1Autograph property drawOnlyWithApplePencil prevents finger touches from drawing. The palm rejection with Apple Pencil is already quite good, so this setting is off by default.
  • Fixed
    • Leak eliminated when the signature is created.
    • Note: iOS 10 may throw some log messages about +/- infinity when the signature completes. This is a seemingly harmless iOS bug related to color handling in quartz drawing contexts. We expect the log message to be suppressed or eliminated in a later iOS 10 point release.

Note: if you’re using CocoaPods, your podfile should show something similar to:

pod 'T1Autograph', '~> 1.6'

A final note about dynamic frameworks: The App Store currently rejects apps containing simulator binary slices. T1Autograph (and most other frameworks) include these slices so you can work in the simulator. There’s a handy script available to trim out any frameworks you might be using at build time.

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