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October 30th, 2015

The Autograph iOS library has been updated to v1.6.3 (build 35) to support iPhone’s spiffy new 3D Touch and iPad Pro's Pencil. So how is this pressure data used? While accepting a signature, pressure and pen velocity are blended to produce a natural, realistic representation. The overall result is subtle and pleasing, and we’ve worked to ensure consistent results between newer devices and those without pressure capability. Beyond that, the library returns 3 additional properties for each point in the signature. They are pressure, azimuthAngle, and altitudeAngle. The last two are available when a signature is created with an Apple Pencil. Show release notes

  • New
    • T1SignaturePoint now reports pressure, azimuthAngle, and altitudeAngle when available.
  • Fixed
    • Irregular stroke width terminations when drawing using a mouse in the simulator.

Note: if you’re using CocoaPods, your podfile should show something similar to:

pod 'T1Autograph', '~> 1.6'

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