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October 6th, 2010

Although primarily a maintenance release, Autograph 1.6 incorporates Inklet technology to boost Magic Trackpad sensitivity. This update should roll out to all customers automatically over the next few days. Here are the full release notes:

Increased Magic Trackpad sensitivity

  • Your Pogo Sketch is now fully compatible with the Magic Trackpad.
  • Using the technology behind Inklet, we've coaxed more performance from the Magic Trackpad.

Better battery life for newer MacBook Pro machines

  • Autograph now completely avoids switching to the high-power NVIDIA graphics card.
  • Encourage the other developers in your life to do the same!

Various Smaller Updates and Improvements

  • Fixed pasting errors, so multiple pasting attempts are no longer necessary.
  • Fixed compatibility with Spaces.
  • Improved handling of external multitouch devices.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Autograph Helper was also bumped to 1.1 as a bugfix release.