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May 15th, 2015

2010 brought the launch of iPad. Along with millions of other people, we instantly starting dreaming of all the ways this device could change the way we do things. In particular, we hoped to use it as a more affordable, new kind of graphics tablet. The next few months saw many brave attempts to utilize iPad as a graphics tablet that were somewhat foiled by Apple's imposed limitations. Then, in 2012, a glimmer of hope came with the introduction of the active stylus category and the launch of our Pogo Connect line. Finally having pressure sensitivity and palm rejection features stirred up the creativity that is inside all of us. Amazing digital art popped up overnight--although--even this great achievement left us saying, "if only...." Now it’s 2015, and AstroPad is here. From the first launch, It’s clear that this app was built by a team that knows their stuff. We love that setup that is nearly impossible to get wrong and the connection is reliable, even over wifi. Once setup, AstroPad comes alive under the fingertips with wicked fast drawing and a preview line that shows you live on the iPad where your stroke will land. AstroPad turns your iPad into the graphics tablet you've always wanted. Toss in Pogo Connect 2, and it's a dream come true. Learn more about AstroPad here