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March 24th, 2015

We think Inklet is the first 3rd party application to support the Apple’s new Force Touch trackpads. This means you’ll have amazing pressure control on newer machines, and in a pinch you can even use your finger. Having a trackpad capable of measuring force is a big deal. Even though Inklet has always been capable of determining stylus pressure, this update makes measuring pressure simpler and more reliable. Kudos to the team at Apple who designed this precise and useful instrument. Inklet will prompt you to update sometime within the next three days. You can get the update immediately by selecting “Check for Updates...” from the Inklet menu.

Release notes:

Lots of improvements and support for new hardware.

  • - Enhanced pressure control for machines with a Force Touch trackpad.
  • - Improved pressure response for machines with a regular Multitouch trackpad.
  • - Fix for occasional issue with a stroke ending unexpectedly.
  • - Various other minor fixes.