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June 21st, 2011

Many of you have watched our demo video of pressure-sensitive drawing on iPad. We are often asked when this capability can be added to iOS apps in the App Store. Until this month, we've been waiting to see if certain changes can be made in Apple's next operating system that would enable pressure-sensitivity.Apple recently allowed developers a sneak peak at the upcoming iOS 5. We've studied the related documentation with the hopes of finding an opportunity to add pressure sensitivity using the method in the video. Regrettably, there were no additions to the official APIs to support this method.Generally, these APIs are very stable, and do not change much between major releases. Therefore, we believe the next available window for updates will be in 2012 with iOS 6.We're interested to hear your views on this. Feel free to contact us via or @tenonedesign on twitter with #t1pp hashtag.