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Ten One Design iOS Store
Put a teeny-tiny little Ten One Design store inside your app. It gives your customers a big discount, and you a little money (if you want it).

Download the T1Store SDK (v2.0)
libT1Store is a lightweight static library that provides an instant revenue stream for your app.
[SDK] | Release notes | Release history
Download a sample project
See how easy integrating the store is, as well as the configuration options.
Try it live on the App Store
Pick up the free Autograph application and click the Stylus button to view the store (with default options).
iTunes Link
Simple 2-Step integration
Put this in your main controller class
#import "T1Store.h";

Show the store
[[T1Store sharedT1Store] showForViewController:self];
Program Details (as of September 14, 2013)
  • Earn a nice percentage on every purchase.
  • Customizable store branding to match your app.
  • Several store options include the ability to auto-load products into the cart for optimized conversions.
  • Purchases are tracked here at Ten One. Payments are made periodically to your Papal account.
  • No overhead - everything from shipping to customer service is managed by Ten One.
  • Lazily-loaded store has zero memory footprint until it is used.
  • Compatible with iOS 5.0 and above for iPhone and iPad.
  • Highly polished HTML5/CSS3 for buttery-smooth performance.
  • Built-in store sales reporting, so you can monitor number of sales within your app.
  • Full documentation can be found in the T1Store.h header file.