Particle Case
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Buy it Now Case + Pogo Sketch for iPad
Particle Case
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Which iPads does the Particle Case fit?

Particle will fit both the WiFi and 3G iPads.

Does the Particle Case come with a stylus?

Yes. Included with your case is one silver Pogo Sketch.

Do you sell replacement styli for the Particle Case?

You are welcome to purchase a new stylus in any color here or at your favorite authorized reseller.

Does it come with a screen protector?

Nope. Screen protectors are against our religion.

Is there protection for the back of the iPad?

No. The iPad is elevated by the rubber feet, so the back of the iPad will never touch a flat surface.

I hate this case! Can I return it?

Contact us for information about returns here.

How can I contact Ten One Design?

Click here.
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Particle Case + Stylus for iPad
This product has been classified as legacy. It is no longer being made or supported. If you’d like to learn more, please contact Thanks!