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Porter Hospitality on a table

A better way to share your Wi-Fi.

Porter Hospitality erases the need to hand out your wireless password and gives your customers access with a simple tap or scan.

It starts with incredible hardware

Beautifully designed

Beautifully designed

Porter Hospitality is crafted in both maple and walnut finishes to complement your space
Beautifully designed

Cloud management

Built-in tools to track and manage your Porters across multiple locations
Porter Hospitality in walnut & stainless steel
Beautifully designed

Flexible mounting

Built with the flexibility for wall mounting or freestanding placement
Beautifully designed

Every question answered

A holistic approach to guest comfort and care

AI Concierge, at your service.

Think back to every notification you’ve received with a guest question, then kiss them goodbye. Our optional AI Concierge can be trained to answer questions on your behalf, with perfect manners, in dozens of languages.

Have a quick chat with it now. This Concierge is an expert on a small property in Portland, Oregon.

Chat with concierge
The concierge is highly trained on a real property and its surroundings, but can still make mistakes. Check important info.

Go from simply sharing Wi-Fi to fully assisting your guests.

Wi-Fi is only the beginning

With a tap or a scan, geusts can seamlessly gain access to your wireless network—on your terms.
Plus, our optional AI Concierge will tell them where the extra towels are. You’ll see a summary of each conversation after.
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Porter Hospitality on a counter

Porter Hospitality simplifies wireless access for your business.

Sharing Wi-Fi can be troublesome with long passwords, or weak passwords that fail to protect your business.

Tapping or scanning Porter Hospitality will display a beautiful screen showcasing your brand and inviting your guest to join your Wi-Fi. The whole process is contactless and more importantly - effortless.

Simple access,
sophisticated management.

Choose between local or remote management for your Porter Hospitality

Local Management

  • icon_check_whiteFast connection to the network when tapping/scanning
  • icon_check_whiteNo need for guest mobile data access
  • icon_x_redFull remote management
  • icon_x_redCustomer engagement features
  • icon_x_redAI Concierge option

Cloud Management

(Requires guest mobile data access)
  • icon_check_whiteFull remote management of Porter Hospitality
  • icon_check_whiteConsistent brand experience for all phones via tap or QR code scan
  • icon_check_whiteOptional AI Concierge feature*
  • icon_check_whiteBuilt-in tools to track guest interactions
  • icon_check_whiteAccess control options (terms and/or email address)
  • icon_check_whiteAPI access for auto-updating Wi-Fi credentials
  • icon_check_whiteBuilt-in tools to track guest interactions
Porter Hospitality in a cafe

*Optional AI Concierge requires subscription

Manage from anywhere

Cloud management allows you to update the Wi-Fi credentials and adjust your settings from a secure dashboard or the Porter Setup app.

The dashboard shows a live preview of your guest’s phone, making it simple to craft amazing experiences.

Dashboard screenshot