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This product has been classified as legacy. It is no longer being made or supported. If you’d like to learn more, please contact Thanks!

Discover Control Pad Universal

Use your iPhone as a controller for the new Apple TV

Perfect for the big screen

Use your iPhone and the free Apple Remote App for a console like joystick experience. It’s great for multiplayer, too. Control Pad Universal upgrades your phone by giving it directional control you can feel. Think of it as leveling up.

Single Pack $9.95
Double Pack $14.95

Great with standalone iPad games

This is what makes Control Pad so universal. Any game with an on-screen joystick control is transformed into an immersive console experience.

Single Pack $9.95
Double Pack $14.95

How Control Pad works

Control Pad hovers directly over a touch screen’s directional pad and gives your thumb positional and force cues. You can keep your head up and focused on the action.

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Control Pad Universal

Control Pad Universal

Stay in control


Control Pad Universal 2pack

Control Pad Universal 2pack

2 Pack for cooperative gaming


Built for:
4th Generation Apple TV with Apple Remote App
(Remote App is in Beta as of June 14, 2016 and publicly available soon!)
iPhone 6/6 Plus and later
iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro
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Details! I love details!

Invented and patented in 2012 by Ten One Design, Control Pad is a new type of joystick. Instead of tilting a physical stick, Control Pad transfers the touch of your thumb down to a touch screen. This allows all the positional mapping to be done in software, and also provides the capability to display graphics under the stick. The ‘secret sauce’ is in Control Pad’s carefully crafted transparent spring that gives your thumb positional and force cues so you always know where the joystick is. It’s the reason we were granted a patent for the design, and it’s why using Control Pad is miles better than a glass surface alone.

Is this like Fling?

You bet. Control Pad was known as Fling in a previous life. Since then, its role has expanded to other devices (your tv!), so it has been reborn as Control Pad. Some initial shipments may even still say Fling.

I have a Fling. Should I buy a Control Pad?

Yes, for a friend. So they can keep up with you.

Is that a TV in a trunk?

We like our gadgets to go away when we’re finished with them, so the display panel is attached inside the lid of a restored steamer trunk.
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