Ten One Design Autograph iOS Library
Integrate smooth signature capture into your iOS app.
It's simple to use, inexpensive, and has dead easy integration with Xcode.

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Download the SDK (v1.5.5)
T1Autograph is a lightweight and easy-to-use iOS library that provides best-in-class signature capture.
SDK | Release notes | Release history | Cocoapod
Download a sample project
See how easy integrating the library is, as well as the configuration options.
Sample Project
Try it live on the App Store
Pick up the free Autograph application to see how the library performs.
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Simple 2-Step integration
// Put this in your main controller class
#import "T1Autograph.h";

// Prompt for signature
[T1Autograph autographWithDelegate:self modalDisplayString:nil];
Library features
  • Use it with your own customized UIView, or just call the built-in modal view.
  • Customizable stroke color, width, and overall signature size.
  • Advanced stroke smoothing for accurate signatures.
  • Velocity sensitive stroke width for biometric verification.
  • Customizable message. Show your customers what they're signing for.
  • Three-finger swipe to undo/redo strokes.
  • Optional inclusion of date.
  • Optional unique security hash watermark for each signature (for tracking purposes).
  • Fully-working free demo allows you to try it on for size before purchasing.
Library terms and conditions
  • Licenses are perpetual and have no expiration.
  • Single licenses are valid for only one bundle identifier.
  • Site licenses can be used for up to 100 bundle identifiers, although they must share a reverse-dns prefix. For example, if your first bundle identifier is com.tenonedesign.autographmobile, all subsequent identifiers must start with com.tenonedesign.
  • After you link your license to a bundle identifier, your bundle identifier cannot be changed.
  • Payment may be made with Paypal or credit card, and an email will be sent to you immediately with an activation code and instructions. The entire process usually takes less than a minute.
  • Bug fix releases will always be free.
  • Optional feature releases may occasionally require a paid upgrade.
  • By purchasing the library, you agree to these terms.