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Which games work with Fling?

Fling can be used with any iPad game featuring a directional pad, or virtual joystick. Here's a list of our favorites.

How do I use Fling?

Launch your game of choice. Position Fling's center control over the directional pad in the game (usually found in the bottom left corner of the screen). Press down on the suction cups to secure Fling to your iPad screen. Use your thumb on the thumbstick to navigate easily through the game. When you're done playing, you can store Fling in its handy drawstring bag.

How many do I need?

It depends on how many d-pads are in your game and what your preference is. A "dual-stick shooter" game is a good match for having two Fling units. If you'd like one Fling, order the Fling Single Pack for $19.95. For two Fling, get the Fling 2-Pack for $29.94.

Can I use one for each thumb?

Yes, if the game supports it. However, most FPS and RPG titles are easier in practice with only one Fling. Dual stick shooters like Geometry wars are pretty great with two!

Will Fling damage my screen?

No. We've done extensive life testing with Fling, and can confirm Fling is 100% safe for your iPad display. However, (and this may be obvious), do be careful not to allow sand, dust, or other hard grit under your Fling. Sand is like kryptonite for iPads, and can scratch your screen if it's trapped under Fling while you play, so give it a quick wipe if you find yourself in a saharan desert.

How does Fling attach to my iPad?

Fling stays in place by means of two simple suction cups, which provide a secure grip that is easily removable.

Does Fling work with iPad 2?


Can I use it on my iPhone?

For iPhone, iPod touch, Android and other smartphones, try Fling mini.

What's it made of?

A transparent, flexible engineering resin, machined aluminum, and a couple of suction cups. Why didn't you think of this?

Does it come in different colors?

Every Fling rocks the same transparent body, but we've added tasteful accents in three different colors: ice, ninja and ultraviolet. See them here.

Can I use it with a screen protector?

Possibly. We have found that some screen protectors are too sticky, and can keep Fling from gliding over the display. If this is your situation, we recommend changing screen protector brands or removing it altogether. Anti-glare screen protectors may keep Fling from mounting to the front. Also, over time, you may find that Fling can eventually wear a little on some screen protectors.

What do I do with Fling when I'm not using it?

Use the included microfiber bag to stash your Fling when you're not gaming or showing it off. You can also use the bag to wipe your iPad screen clean.

Is using Fling cheating?

Certainly not! But you will have an advantage over your opponents. If you want to level the playing field, just tell all your friends to get one, too.

Is cheating wrong?

Yes, but it's hard to prove.
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Fling Introduction Video