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blue tiger
Full-featured pen for iOS. Powered by the new Bluetooth 4.0.
Download the SDK (beta 4.0)
Make integration easy with code examples you can copy/paste (see T1PogoManager.h)
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Because initial inventory will be limited, we will be sending private pre-order invitations when Blue Tiger is ready.
Blue Tiger is a top secret project we've been working on for several months. We're declassifying it now to give you a sneak peek, and to jump-start your imagination.

You may have been hearing good things about Bluetooth 4.0. It's a fast wireless connection, and is fully supported by the CoreBluetooth framework in iOS5.

Bluetooth 4.0 devices don't need to pair with your iPhone or iPad, they just connect and work. Also, the battery life is dramatically better - think months or a year on a single coin battery. We've developed the first pressure-sensitive stylus for iPad that uses Bluetooth 4.0.

Sample hardware is available today. If you'd like to have support for this device in your app, email, and we'll schedule a shipment for you.

Note: Images shown are unfinished pre-production samples. We'll unveil the final design soon!

Pen features
  • Fast, simple bluetooth 4.0 technology does away with pairing.
  • Any application can take advantage of the features, but developers should use our free code to help them integrate.
  • Full pressure sensitivity.
  • Palm rejection capability.
  • Lights, buttons, music (ok, maybe not music).
  • Full details, name, pricing, etc coming soon.
  • Product will ship after FCC approval. If you're a developer, the time to start testing is now.

We need your help!
Although many developers have already signed on with the Blue Tiger project, we need your help to spread the word. If you think Blue Tiger looks useful, please help us by emailing or tweeting a request your favorite developer, and thanks.